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Signatures for Sign petition to Stop Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa

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1 SimonLongela "One Africa, One love" Bob Marley  
2 Yasminsimbi We are one, and we need to stand as one body... No more blood shall be shed... No man shall stand against his fellow man...  
3 JohnEgge Stop this immediately !!! Stop this crimes !!!
4 XoliswaRoalds°y this is so sad I have no words.  
5 donatnkuna    
6 BeverleyWahl    
7 HafsaElmi The barbaric violence needs to end NOW. Shame on the world for staying silent. And shame, shame, SHAME on you South Africa.  
8 JannetteFenwick Stop killing people for no reason. We are all one and the same!!! Just like us, they only want what is best for their family, a life where one can live safely.. I'm against the xenophobia attacks, and so should you be!! If you kill,you are a monster in SA  
10 staphonsummerton as much as I understand the frustration coming from the people of south Africa, it can never justify the attacks toward African, we are also African for that matter africa we are one and only one